Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 29 - Super SPLURGE!

I was looking forward to attending the grand opening of Crafted in San Pedro this morning because I knew they were serving coffee, but I didn't know they would also be serving these freakin' crazy, decadent, gourmet donuts!  Wholly Cow. 

I'm sorry, I just couldn't hold back, and I admit, I greedily ate two.  One had a peanut butter cup on top and the other one had blackberry jam.  So let me give these nice people at "Donut Snob" a plug for their generousity.

Lisa and I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and had a blast visiting the new venue called CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles.  It is in San Pedro near the Los Angeles waterfront and is inside of a refurbished old warehouse. 

Being crafters ourselves, this is really exciting.  We hope this site will be a success although in this economy it can be a tough ride.  I'll admit, I was drooling at the idea of having a booth here, but realistically speaking, it is a big committment of time and money.

Since I splurged on the two donuts, I ate a light lunch and dinner.  Was it worth the splurge?  Those donuts are worth it anytime!

DAY 29

Apple with peanut butter

2 gourmet donuts

Pinto beans with pico de gallo

Egg fried rice with green beans

Calories: 1328
Cost: 56 cents

Weight:  XXX - 6.5 pounds

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